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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dressmakers Part Two

My current project with RUSODEF is identifying girls who are interested in vocational training and then providing them with the necessary supplies. So far 5 girls have been found and the registration process has started at GIGDEV—the vocational school that they will be attending. This is a very strong program that focuses on giving the girls a well rounded education with the end goal, after two years of study, of the girls being able to open up a sewing shop and be a strong community and women’s leader.  Each girl will be provided with a sewing machine, bicycle, and all the basic materials they will need. A fund will also be set up to cover room and board type costs, the girls will either be staying at GIGDEV or with a relative in Tamale.

The girls are all between the ages of 18 and 20. They have either never attended school or dropped out after Primary 1 or 2. Several of them have travelled down to Accra to find work in the markets and returned after running out of food and money or after being injured. Being given an opportunity like this will truly change these girls’ lives. There are lots of small sewing shops set up by groups of girls around Tamale and they always appear to be the happiest places in town, and I love walking by them and seeing the girls using their old fashioned sewing machines. If the girls were not given this opportunity they would probably remain in their village and continue the very hard life they are currently living. A daily repeat of fetching water, cleaning, taking care of children, cooking, and doing farm work all in an extremely tough environment with very few items we would view as necessities.

The cost for these girls to attend is approximately $250 for two years. This covers fees and uniforms at GIGDEV, sewing machine and supplies, a bicycle, and some of the room and board costs. If you are interested in helping these girls out any donation is appreciated and will truly make a different in a young and deserving life. Many of you who read this blog have already offered donations and support and that has been greatly appreciated and most of that money will be going towards this project. So if you have read and enjoyed this blog please think about donating. You can contact me for more details at

Girls sewing at GIGDEV 

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