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Monday, November 8, 2010

Peppers and Kola Nuts

The kids at Kpawumo Childrens Home
 Fatima the ringleader. This picture perfectly describes her. I have one of most of the kids and it is the same--a picture of their personality.
 Repairing the wall at the school.
 Ghanaian Cowboys
 Meeting Walisu's great Uncle in his grandfather's village.
 The village is a chili producing community and they dry the harvests in their compounds.
 Soybean harvest.
 The village, N'bana'ayili. They also grow tobacco.
 This crew followed me around.
 Learning to weave a traditional sleeping mat.

 More Chilies.
 Presenting Kola Nuts to the Chief of Taha, a RUSODEF community.
 Meeting with the elders of Taha. They are asking for development projects that focus on and help their wives and children.
 My new bicycle.
Walisu's Grandmother. She is part of a woman's coop that makes the traditional shawls. She is a spinner and spins raw cotton into thread by hand.


  1. Jeremy,
    We have really enjoyed the pictures today. They are so interesting; are those hot chiles? Walisu's grandmother spinning was a technique I'd never seen before. Also noticed the skins on the wall behind her. Your new bike looks fine, do you know the year that it was manufactured? Seen you have room to haul. Glad to hear you found a motorcycle helmet.

    Thanks again for the pictures,


  2. Wow! It looks like a colorful place... and you've captured it well. Your writings paint quite a picture too.

  3. Hi Jeremy. This is Thije, the Dutch guy from the thanksgiving dinner who left after two hours. I lived and worked at Kpawumo Childrens Home for a bit more than a month in 2010. Very nice to see your pictures of the children.
    Unfortunately, I lost all the pictures I took from the orphanage, so I don't have anything to remind me of the orphanage for the future. Is there perhaps any way you could send me one or a few of your pictures? Or have you posted them somewhere else? Especially loved the picture of Fatima, so I would love it if you'd allow me to steal some of your pictures. Greetings, Thije.

  4. Hi Jeremy,

    Greetings from Papua New Guinea. I was going through photos of soybean harvest for a poster and came across yours of the little guy carrying a bundle home. Went through your other pics as well and is quite interesting. It must really be an adventoruous experience out there!