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Sunday, September 26, 2010


From time to time I will be posting stories, parts of a story, poems, or even just simple observations. These usually just roll around in my head and they rarely make it to a piece of paper. They vary in their origins; some are based on actual events while others are simply based on a person and usually made entirely up by me. Writing them down is more of an exercise for me but since they often offer some sort of insight into what I am experiencing I thought they might be applicable to this blog. While I am in Ghana I feel this will allow me to give a unique representation of my life intersecting with the lives of people I meet as well as present information in a different manner. To get it started I will post some things I wrote based on the trip I took last spring.  

Down the Street:

Out the gate and into the night,
You were wearing shorts and your legs were white.
Riding on education's future, learning to read and learning to write.
They were walking and they were laughing,
Just returning from a day of playing and a day of washing.
The two of us out late; you were worried
We turned around, I opened the gate.
You were scared. You close the gate.

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